Happy Easter

Once every in-game day an easter egg hunt will begin. You'll have 3 minutes to collect as many eggs as you can. The top 3 players are given ...

April 20, 2019 No comments

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Help us Select a new map We need your h...

February 27, 2019

Finally you can resolve that itch or sco...

January 31, 2019

Voodoo Gaming has been hosting server an...

July 09, 2019

Finally you can resolve that itch or sco...

January 10, 2019

Latest News

Current KOS Rules Vs KOS are allowed.

July 19, 2019 No comments

The poll has been running for two weeks and the sentiment of the Voodoo Rust SA player base painted a very clear picture. There will be no changed to the...

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Purge event 20 July 2019

July 18, 2019 No comments

Finally you can resolve that itch or score to settle !!!!! Date: Saturday 20 July 2019 Start Time: 20:00 pm (GMT+2) End: 00:00 am (GMT+2) The Purge event will give you 4 hours of the real rust...

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End of TeamSpeak 3 Support

July 16, 2019 1 Comment

It has been a long journey with our TeamSpeak Server. The server has been running for almost 10 years.  We had lots and lots of gaming sessions and discussions over the...

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RUST NEXT WIPE 1 August 2019

July 12, 2019 No comments

he Last Wipe  Date: 4 July 2019 The Next Wipe  Date: 1 August 2019 Blue Print Wipe No

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