Rust January 2021 Wipe

All the new year's hipe is all over and we are well into the new year. We took some photos of the bases that survived until the end of the wipe. There were some interesting designs and ideas use in building bases. Lots of bases where build to protect their precious loot but there were some that build to look good and to use all the fun items of rust. 

This was also the first month that we implemented the PVP - PVE Schedule and it was well-received. The idea here is to stop the 3 am weekday raids

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Voodoo SA Rust Server PVP - PVE

New Ideas to keep Rust fun and experience all that rust have to offer. 

Off-line Raids and KOS

We have been working on a way to stop offline raids during the early hours of the week. You all know 3 am in the morning is the best time to offline raid. The new schedule system will be implemented from the serverside no admins required to activate the time slots. 

PVP Schedule 
Day  Start End 
Monday  07:00 PM 11:00 PM
Tuesday 07:00 PM 11:00 PM
Wednesday 07:00 PM 11:00 PM
Thursday 07:00 PM 11:00 PM
Friday  07:00 PM PVP active 
Saturday PVP active  PVP active 
Sunday PVP active  11:00pm

When PVP is active it will allow player versus player damage. You are allowed to do everything you have to do to survive, such as raiding players to get supplies, In PvP mode, you can kill and raid other players without consequences.

Safe zones are 

Banded Camp
Fishing Villages

PVE Schedule 
Start End 
Day  Time  Day  Time 
Sunday  11:00 PM Monday  07:00 PM
Monday 11:00 PM Tuesday 07:00 PM
Tuesday 11:00 PM Wednesday 07:00 PM
Wednesday 11:00 PM Thursday 07:00 PM
Thursday 11:00 PM Friday 07:00 PM

When PVE is active it will prevent player versus player damage. You are not able to kill do any harm to other players or bases. 

Let us know what your thoughts are on our Facebook page.

The system will be implemented on Wipe Day 7 January 2021.



Halloween is done and dusted and the players build some amazing bases during the October 2020 wipe.  With old rules are back and we saw some of the old players return back to the server.


Ban List

Nickname SteamId Ban Reason  Ban Type  Ban Start Date Ban End Date 
Smooth 76561198996907093 VAC BAN Permanent 15-12-2020  
Smooth 76561198431554288 VAC BAN Permanent 15-12-2020  
JellyBeans__ZA 76561199027713233 Swearing Temporary  09-12-2020 11-12-2020
FIB3R 76561198926390284 VAC BAN Permanent 09-12-2020  
ChickenNuggets 76561199076953100 VAC BAN Permanent 30-11-2020  
EIERS 76561198121643400 VAC BAN Permanent 30-11-2020  
chipan 76561199000152300 VAC BAN Permanent 30-11-2020  
ThisPotato 76561198077508100 VAC BAN Permanent 30-11-2020  
SomeGuy 76561198968906500 Game Ban Permanent 17-11-2020  
ASP GOKU 76561198851221300 Griefing Player Base Temporary   11-11-2020 11-12-2020
Patrick Star 76561198420440600 VAC Ban Permanent 11-11-2020  
potekate 76561198921209500 VAC BAN Permanent 29-05-2020  
triggerboy987 76561198284736300 VAC BAN Permanent 24-05-2020  
Stofbaber 76561198032892500 VAC BAN  Permanent 09-05-2020  
Trinity :) 76561199007949300 FacePunch Game Ban Permanent 09-05-2020  
eatyourvitamins 76561198134263300 VAC BAN Permanent 08-05-2020  
TheSlayer 76561198326057600 VAC BAN Permanent 08-05-2020  
PandaAttack1 76561198020610100 2 Rust Admin Bans Permanent 08-05-2020  
elemeNt_™ 76561198165837500 VAC BAN Permanent 02-05-2020  
Riekert Holder 76561198188693400 VAC BAN Permanent 27-04-2020  
Vanilla 76561198072937300 VAC BAN Permanent 27-04-2020  
.T Food 76561198965082700 VAC BAN Permanent 26-04-2020  
我操了你妈妈 76561198259570800 VAC BAN Permanent 24-04-2020  
⸸ H i t o m i ☽  76561198190483100 Discrimination and Continuous Toxicity against players Permanent 20-04-2020  
Godofwar.Mc 76561198975543400 2 Rust Admin Bans Permanent 20-04-2020  
Backhand Badger 76561198086116100 AimBot Permanent 20-04-2020  
Qareen 76561198371609900 VAC BAN and Game BAN Permanent 20-04-2020  
Carry 76561198218587200 VAC BAN and Game BAN Permanent 20-04-2020  
NoDz 76561198053992500 VAC BAN Permanent 20-04-2020  
Bullet_yeah ✌ 76561198993177000 VAC BAN and Racism Permanent 20-04-2020  
Vaginawaper123 76561198838503200 VAC BAN Permanent 20-04-2020  
VeTKoeK  76561198837087200 VAC Ban Permanent 20-04-2020  
Sniper00176 76561198300484900 VAC BAN Permanent 20-04-2020  
Swifty 76561198236359900 VAC BAN Permanent 20-04-2020  
.Pichu 76561198131726500 Racism Permanent 13-04-2020  
STONED 76561198144030000 No Reccoil Permanent 06-04-2020  
Vetkoek 76561198198098800 VAC BAN Permanent 06-04-2020  
undone 76561198054836700 Smurf Account VetKoek Permanent 06-04-2020  
KingKeynel 76561198125028400 Racism Permanent 06-04-2020  
☠ BigFatty ☠ 76561198005183500 NoRecoil Permanent 06-04-2020  
Suide Boer 76561198071306700 VAC BAN Permanent 06-04-2020  
MiSt118 76561198065876700 Game Ban  Permanent 06-04-2020  
awkies 76561198845888600 Smurf Account ⸸ H i t o m i ☽ Permanent 06-04-2020  
XlegionX 76561198959308600 VAC BAN Permanent 05-04-2020  
Th3 Jok3R 3 76561198290131400 VAC BAN  Permanent 05-04-2020  
Kurkie 76561198072583100 VAC BAN Permanent 05-04-2020  
Yoda#LFG 76561198363189600 VAC BAN Permanent 05-04-2020  
KOeliekie  76561198333206796  VAC BAN  Permanent 05-04-2020  
DeaDPool 76561198797843800 VAC BAN Permanent 04-04-2020  
Seuna 76561198880792900 VAC BAN Permanent 04-04-2020  
ISmeh 76561198120577400 VAC BAN and Game BAN Permanent 17-11-2019  
Depth 76561198438969200 VAC BAN and Racism Permanent 17-11-2019  
webejame 76561198149161900 VAC BAN and Part of Team that DDos attacked Server Permanent 16-11-2019  
ToxicBunny 76561198045387000 Part of Team that DDos attacked Server  Permanent 16-11-2019  
[TOXIC] Wulvz 76561198059027600 Part of Team that DDos attacked Server Permanent 16-11-2019  
[TOXIC] Angel of Death 76561198278363700 Part of Team that DDos attacked Server Permanent 16-11-2019  
[TOXIC] TheZone96 76561198202920900 VAC BAN and Part of Team that DDos attacked Server Permanent 16-11-2019  
[TOXIC] C4SPER 76561198227337000 Part of Team that DDos attacked Server Permanent 16-11-2019  
[TOXIC] Furia 76561198154616000 Part of Team that DDos attacked Server Permanent 16-11-2019  

The Big Question?

The Big Question is? 

The Voodoo SA Rust server has been up and running for 4 years plus. 

The server had some amazing support during tis time but the last couple of months has seen the server population decline to a point where it makes no sense to keep the server up and running.

The question is do we close the server down or make changes to server rules and current status. 

We will follow the following process to make a decision. 

Players to vote on a poll based on the poll results we will or close down the server or start to collect ideas from the community on what needs to be changed on the server.


Voodoo SA Event

Stand a chance to win 300 scrap if you are victorious.

Event Details 

Date: 6 June 2020

Time: 21:00h

Map Location: Z3

Stand a chance to win 300 scrap if you are victorious.

Rust April 2020 Half Wipe

Well all we can say this is Rust. It seems like everyone on the server had a common enemy the enemy was a well-oiled opponent with lots of allies willing or not.

It took a lot of farming and planing for the big Riad. In the end, the riad was successful and the enemy was defeated. The Players involved had lots of fun and yes there was a bit of salt but it would not be Rust without the salt. 

After a short poll the server was wiped with a new map and no blueprints.   

Here are some images of the bases left standing at the end of the half Wipe. 


Rust Voodoo SA Server LAG challenges

We have been experiencing some challenges with server. We moved hosting service and we had some challenges setting up the server but it seems like host side of the server are now stable.

We also had to remove all the MODS

  • Furnace Splitter No longer supported by the developer and caused huge server lag dropping the server FPS with 50 FPS.
  • Info Panel caused server lag dropping the server frames with +- 50 FPS.
  • Code lock Sync if caused some strange code lock access issues and it also caused server lag dropping the server frames with +- 50 FPS
  • Stack Size 

The server FPS was sitting between 20 - 50 FPS. After all the changes the server FPS are now between 230 - 260 FPS. The increased FPS will make a big difference in your gameplay.

Please let us know if you experience any issues with the current mods on the server.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you for all your support during this time.


Rust Voodoo SA Down

We do apologise for the inconvenience caused due to the server crash. 

The Rust Voodoo SA server suffered an unknown issue at about 03:00 am 22 March 2020. The server crashed and all the bases were wiped. We currently have no information off what happened.  We have logged the issue with the Hosting service. 

The server will be down until the issue has been resolved. 

Hosting Service: Game Servers.

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