Rust February 2020 Wipe

The first month with the new rules is all done and over. It has been interesting the server lost some payers but gained new players.  In the end, everyone still build big bases and big raiding battles took place.

Please share your thoughts in comments. 

Images of all the bases that made it to the end of the wipe


Voodoo Rust SA server

It’s is almost the 3-year birthday of the Voodoo Rust SA server. Is has been an exciting 3 years. With lots of fun and challenges during this time and it was all worth it.
The last couple of months have been very hard to keep the peace on the server and enforce the rules. Some groups found ways around every rule and group size rule. This made it very difficult for the players playing by the rules of the server.
So, I have given up and removed all the noob-friendly rules and unbanned all the players banned not following the rules.
There will be no moderators available any more on the server. You are now on your own and if there is a hacker online report the player to FacePunch in-game.


Maps will be picked at random on wipe day.

Server Config  

Decay Rate 8000 (No Change)


  • Furnace Splitter
  • Clan System
  • Automatic Authorization
  • Lock Sync
  • Info Panel

Wipe Day

Date: 6 February 2020

Time: Any Time from 21:00pm (GMT +2)

If there are no active players on server, we will close the Rust SA server down and move the resource to another country or game.  


Giant Excavator


This is a new monument filled with NPC’s but the reward of using this quarry will be worth the effort

Operating this quarry is no small task it will work better with friends
  1. Add Diesel fuel to the tank in the engine room
  2. Start the engine
  3. Go to the control room and select a resource to mine only one resource at a time can be mined.
  4. Collect resources from the two deposit locations.


Diesel is required to run the Giant Excavator. this new resource is a Higher quality fuel and ca only be used at the giant excavator at the moment. 

It stacks to 20 and burns about 1 Diesel fuel every 2 minutes of run time. Only one stack can be loaded into the Excavator at a time.

Purchase Stacks
Outpost 20
Cost Excavator run time
300 Low Grade Fuel  2 Minutes per 1 Diesel 

Resource Yields 

Here are some sample yields of what you will for running the giant excavator. 

20 Diesel Burned will take 40 Minutes
Stone Metal Fragments Sulfur Ore Height Quality Metal Ore
100000 40000 15000 800


There are 18 scientists throughout. The scientists will respawn in a period after they are killed.


Radiation Protection is a must. Radiation start on the outskirts of the giant excavator and increase as you get to the engine room. A Hazmat Suit will provide adequate protection from the radiation trough out the entire monument.   

Broadcast Signal

Similar to the Oil Rig, there is a broadcast signal you can set your pagers to in order to know when the Giant Excavator is running. This should provide a bit of balance by allowing groups to be notified when there’s someone excavating. 


There is a Recycler in the corner of the engine room (on the same level as the fuel tank).


Current KOS Rules Vs KOS are allowed.

The poll has been running for two weeks and the sentiment of the Voodoo Rust SA player base painted a very clear picture. There will be no changed to the rules of the Rust Voodoo SA |Noob Friendly server.

How we measure the sentiment.    

  • Any suggestions and votes to remove the KOS rules where added up together.
  • Any suggestion or votes to keep the rules the same where added up together.

The Results  


The where some interesting suggestion and we will look into how and if we can implement it on there server. 

The good news is there will be more purge events where the KOS rules are suspended during the event.

Thank you for taking part in the Poll it really helped to settle the discussion.  The server rules and setup might not be for everyone we never intended to make the server for everyone.

The server is for the noobs, weekend warriors and for the advanced players.

If everyone follows the rules it would be possible to Learn, Farm, Build, Raid and experience all the feeling’s Rust will make you experience.    


Rust June 2019 Wipe is All done

The Hapis island has been a different experience but, in the end, this is rust and there was some amazing bases and a lot of raiding during the wipe.

The Voodoo Server also had a nice constant population every day that made things even better for interaction and game play.

Thank you to all the players for making this a fun wipe.

We took photos of the bases that survived until the end.

The Rave Rave hosted by Abbrevious



Rust Base Builds December 2018

It's all now in the pass all the farming, Santa and all the Xmas Lights and things.

We have take some Photos of the bases around the map. The Players build some amazing bases.  Looking forward to the next wipe builds if they survive until the end of the wipe.


SavageNoodle Banned

Voodoo Gaming has been put in to disrepute due to one of the Rust Moderators.

SavageNoodle used his Moderators Tools to give him self Admin rights on the Rust VOODOO server.

During a raid that took place on the 21 December 2018 SavageNoodle was logged in as admin in game and had GOD mode activated.

We asked for the raid to be stopped. The VG team pulled back from the raid.

SavageNoodle have been banned from all Voodoo Gaming Servers and portals. Voodoo Gaming Will not allow any cheating on any of our servers.

SavageNoodle - Permanent Rust Admin Ban for Cheating and Admin Abuse.   

We at Voodoo Gaming apologise for the inconvenience caused and hope the everyone continue to play Rust on the Voodoo Gaming Server. 

Steam Profile

Ban Link


All about electricity

Wire Tool

The fundamental connection between all these new items, the Wire Tool is a core component of electricity. To use it, simply equip, right click on an electrical object, select your choice on the wheel, and then connect to another object. You can also left click while dragging the wire to pin it to that part of the wall or floor.


 Small generator

The first step to powering anything is to find a source of electricity of course! That’s where the small generator comes into play. Placed on the ground or a shelf, the small generator produces power for up to 3 external sources. At the moment, it doesn’t require any fuel, but I expect that to change prior to this functionality going live.



Voodoo Team


Administrators Rust SA

Hawk Rust Server Administrator (Not Allowed to Play on Server has full Server Admin Access in Game) (Rust)

Moderators  Rust SA  



  1. Manage server to ensure the server function optimal.
  2. Install weekly and monthly Updates. 


Rust Moderators play on the server and will help with player questions and help provide info and keep the peace. Moderators have no in-game Admin Access. 

Moderators will enforce the rules.

Contact Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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