Giant Excavator


This is a new monument filled with NPC’s but the reward of using this quarry will be worth the effort

Operating this quarry is no small task it will work better with friends
  1. Add Diesel fuel to the tank in the engine room
  2. Start the engine
  3. Go to the control room and select a resource to mine only one resource at a time can be mined.
  4. Collect resources from the two deposit locations.


Diesel is required to run the Giant Excavator. this new resource is a Higher quality fuel and ca only be used at the giant excavator at the moment. 

It stacks to 20 and burns about 1 Diesel fuel every 2 minutes of run time. Only one stack can be loaded into the Excavator at a time.

Purchase Stacks
Outpost 20
Cost Excavator run time
300 Low Grade Fuel  2 Minutes per 1 Diesel 

Resource Yields 

Here are some sample yields of what you will for running the giant excavator. 

20 Diesel Burned will take 40 Minutes
Stone Metal Fragments Sulfur Ore Height Quality Metal Ore
100000 40000 15000 800


There are 18 scientists throughout. The scientists will respawn in a period after they are killed.


Radiation Protection is a must. Radiation start on the outskirts of the giant excavator and increase as you get to the engine room. A Hazmat Suit will provide adequate protection from the radiation trough out the entire monument.   

Broadcast Signal

Similar to the Oil Rig, there is a broadcast signal you can set your pagers to in order to know when the Giant Excavator is running. This should provide a bit of balance by allowing groups to be notified when there’s someone excavating. 


There is a Recycler in the corner of the engine room (on the same level as the fuel tank).


All about electricity

Wire Tool

The fundamental connection between all these new items, the Wire Tool is a core component of electricity. To use it, simply equip, right click on an electrical object, select your choice on the wheel, and then connect to another object. You can also left click while dragging the wire to pin it to that part of the wall or floor.


 Small generator

The first step to powering anything is to find a source of electricity of course! That’s where the small generator comes into play. Placed on the ground or a shelf, the small generator produces power for up to 3 external sources. At the moment, it doesn’t require any fuel, but I expect that to change prior to this functionality going live.



Rust Update 23 August 2018

AI Improvements

Progressing on several improvements to both animal and scientist AI. This includes going dormant properly, awareness of thrown objects, avoidance of explosions, robust sensation data around explosions, and more.

Mainly these improvements have been based around behavior, but some performance optimizations have also been made. Long and short: AI should behave better with less overhead.

Smoke grenade tweaks

After adding smoke grenades in last week, Helk has made a few adjustments. They will now stack to two, players can throw them farther, and you can’t use them under water.

As you may recall from last week, smoke grenades last about 60 seconds, obscure the area they are thrown in, and can only be purchased at Bandit Town for 10 scrap.

Cargo ship event

Progress on the newest server event continues this week as Damian and Vincent polish the art of the Cargo Ship. As mentioned in the devblog, this ship will sporadically circle the waters of Rust, giving players the opportunity to board, loot, shoot, and more.

Damian said he’d send me some shots at some point today, so stay tuned for some initial images.

Hapis 10

Alistair is working on another iteration of the Hapis Island map. With a focus on polishing some areas up, he’s doing more fine tuned work this month with the intention of putting some large changes in next month for longer testing.

Other stuff

Pumpkins and corn and now stackable and no longer have condition
More work on optimization
Misc Bandit Town fixes


Update 16 August 2018

Smoke grenades

Helk snuck a new item into the game this week. Smoke grenades can now be purchased at Bandit Town for 10 scrap each. They cannot be crafted and appear to only be obtainable at the weapon shop of the newest monument.

A handy tool, smoke grenades emit a large amount of - you guessed it - smoke. The smoke lasts around a minute and does a good job of obscuring the area. In the interest of performance, Helk has significantly lowered the amount of particles. He's also added a full grey-out effect when in the smoke to prevent anyone from being able to see out. 


grenade.smoke.png Available at
Bandit Town
10 scrap
~1 minute


The team continued working on improving performance. Among other things, Diogo and Helk removed allocations for garbage collections in a bunch of places. Given this appears to have been another source of stuttering in the game, players will hopefully experience much fewer issues come the next update.

Skin icon fixes

For a while now, icons for certain skins haven’t been loading properly. Thankfully, that appears to be resolved this week after Andre has rebuilt all skin icons. He’s also fixed skinned mesh render bounds not always refreshing when rendering icons, which could lead to odd icon scales.

Recycler improvement

Helk has modified an annoying trait of the recycler. Instead of anyone being allowed to turn it off - which opened up for a lot of trolling around communal recyclers - only the user of the recycler may now operate it.

Cargo ship progress

Vince and Damien have continued their work on the art to go with an upcoming server event, the Cargo Ship. As described in the roadmap, the Cargo Ship will occasionally circle the map in Rust, allowing players to approach and board to battle scientist NPC’s and each other to secure loot.

No visuals from the team on this yet, but it does appear to be a priority to get in for this months update. More on this as work progresses in the coming weeks.

Other stuff

  • Recycler added to Bandit Town
  • inventory.give now takes item condition as an optional third parameter
  • Icon for supply signal has been updated

Update 31 May 2018

Monument puzzles

Helk and Vince continue their work on the largest upcoming shift to gameplay: Monument puzzles. With an expected debut at the update next Thursday, this shift to monuments will add an extra level of complexity to loot gathering. Instead of utilizing your parkour skills (and just pure luck) when finding that sweet swag around the map, you’ll now have to accomplish new criteria to gather that highest tier loot.

With a mix of kinetic wheels, blast doors, switches, electrical boxes, fuse boxes, and more, these new puzzles not only increase the dynamism of gathering loot, they lay the foundation of electricity for the game.

Still on a separate branch, monument puzzles will surely be a highlight for big update next week. Check back earlier in the week (once the branch is merged to staging) for a full write up on what to expect. In the mean time, here's a teaser picture Helk sent me of some of the new puzzle pieces...

Updated Diving Gear

Taylor has done an update on some of the diving suit model art. With a more refined approach to the diving tank, mask, and fins, he’s provided aquatic-seeking Newman's with a fresh look. As always, pictures speak louder than words, so here’s some eye candy:

New peeks at Bandit Town

Speaking of eye candy, Damian sent me a couple fresh shots of the newest work-in-progress monument, Bandit Town. As discussed last week, this new point of interest stands to be the antithesis of the Compound monument (or Outpost) - instead of catering to the PvE players, Bandit town will appeal to the assholes (Helks words, not mine). It may also usher in some new game dynamics such as faction ratings and other experiments.

As with many good things, we’ll have to wait to see this in the wild. Bandit town is not expected to go live with this next update. That said, I’d be surprised if it doesn’t make its way into staging sometime in June for its debut early July. As always, we’ll keep you posted - oh, and here’s those new shots from Damian.

Hapis Island improvements

Alistair just merged in his latest round of changes to our favorite non-procedural map, Hapis. Along with some new islands in the south, the Compound monument (aka Outpost) has been added near the center of the map. Although there is still some polishing needed, we can expect these changes to go live with the forced wipe next week.


Canoe and oar

A new form of water transportation is in the works. No visuals or definitive timeline in place yet, but know that another form of water transportation will be here before you know it.

Procgen native

Andre is working on some shifts to procedural map generation in anticipation of the next forced map wipe. As he told me just before, "it's all a secret for now". Stay tuned as we get closer to the wipe for more info.

AI Improvements

Pal has been doing a bunch of work on improving various elements with AI (both NPC and animal) this week. Along with starting work on NPC’s taking note of interesting throw objects such as flares, he’s started a new branch which addresses various optimizations with navmesh - the foundation of how NPC’s and animals navigate the terrain of Rust.


Monument Puzzles and AI Improvements


Monument puzzles

A feature long in the works, Monument puzzles have been getting a lot of attention over the past few weeks. Helk, now back from his vacation, is moving full force to get this new dynamic in the game for the next update on June 7th.

As you may recall, these additional elements in monuments around the map will create a new hierarchy in looting. As opposed to unlimited access to all doors and buildings like we have now, players will need various forms of access to get at certain loot.

Here’s an example provided by Vincent in a previous devblog:

You just looted a Blue Access card from a common scientist NPC at a junkpile. This card grants you access to a building in the trainyard, but without electricity the card reader on the wall won't work. You get electricity back on by replacing missing fuses in a fusebox with one you found earlier along the road. Now the door is operational and grants you access to an office room. In this place you find a decent amount of loot and an intriguing Red Access card...

Check back over the next two weeks for more specifics as they get merged in.

AI improvements

Pal has done an overhaul on the AI sensory system. Aimed at improving the AI around the compound monument, he’s upgraded how NPC’s detect targets (fov, noise, guns, etc.) and added better control over tick rates across the board. In addition to these changes under the hood, he has also made it so Junkpile scientists are less hostile in general. As with the other works in progress, you can expect to see these changes go live on June 7th.

Bandit town

We’re also seeing progress on the next monument in the hopper: Bandit town. Although it will not go in with this next patch, Helk shared a little bit about what to expect.

Ying to the compound monuments yang, Bandit town is set to be a more dangerous outpost, where the worst of the worst flock. This new monument may eventually have some kind of faction rating so only ‘bad’ people can go to Bandit town while only ‘good’ people can visit the compound.

A bit more on Skydiving

With Helk back, I made sure to ask him about the skydiving branch. He clarified this is some initial work towards a future parachute item, which will allow for bailing out of air vehicles. Nice!



Rust Update 3 May 2018

For the first time, Rust has an area solely designed to allow for safe player and world interactions with minimal chance of harm unless you are brandishing a weapon, or have recently brandished one. Filled with peacekeeping turrets and scientist NPC’s this zone is likely going to shift a few dynamics in the game, and will certainly see some tweaks as time goes on as well. New loot environments are spread out in the ocean surrounding Rust island for your looting pleasure following this update.

The Compound

Designed around a small town connected to the roads leading to other monuments the Compound offers many amenities for players starting out fresh, or a change of pace for established players. This area is loaded with peacekeeping turrets and NPC’s. Attempts to disrupt that peace are met with swift force as only a 4-second warning is given if you equip a weapon or lethal tool. After that you are considered hostile and will be gunned down, you remain a hostile threat in the area for 10 minutes following your infraction. You should be able to recover your items though as looting bodies that aren’t your own is considered a hostile act as well.

The words “Safe Zone” are shown on the bottom right side of the screen where you see things like comfort and building privilege, this safe area extends to the range of the external peacekeeper turrets. Vending machines with resources, tools, mixed level gear and weapons are spread throughout along with a refinery, recycler, research table, repair bench, and a couple of level one benches are available as well. A neutral sit-down area is located within the walls which will surely foster colorful conversations.

Diving Gear

Diving gear is making its official debut today. This must-have attire for deep sea looting cannot be crafted and is primarily found on floating junk piles. The oxygen tank capacity has been increased to 600s as well. For more information on diving and the individual clothing pieces please check out last week's post.

Underwater vegetation, rock outcrops, and sunken treasure

Vegetation and rocks are now found all around of the coasts around the map. The sand-covered ocean floor now is dotted with plants and procgen rock outcrops to add a noticeable visual improvement. Along with the aesthetically pleasing environment, sunken boxes, barges, and boats can be found as well. Boxes can be untied and float to the surface to be looted. Diving gear is required as the time spent underwater including untying will cause drowning fairly quickly, it’s also painfully difficult to see this underwater loot without said gear.

First Person Clothing

Another graphical and immersion improvement has been added this week in the form of first person clothing! A long time request from the community, first person clothing is now reality. You can see your fancy threads while holding a weapon or tool, and it updates based on the skin that you choose.

Server Performance

Alistair has shared with us that server performance is largely going to remain the same with this update. As some of you have experienced on our US and EU Main servers, in-game performance has been less than ideal at times. At Rustafied we are constantly monitoring and proactively working on our servers to maintain the highest performance possible. A bit of bright news was shared as well though, Unity 2018.1 was just released and the dev team is hard at work on bringing those improvements to the game as soon as possible.

Other Stuff

  • Local player footsteps are quieter than other players
  • Flare cost reduced
  • High external walls and gates decay much faster when placed outside of TC range
  • BBQ volume tweaks to prevent clipping through walls

Rust Update 10 May 2018

Compound fixes and improvements 

  • The CH47 now takes safety zones into account when considering targets
  • Another Compound out of bounds fix
  • Small hostility check optimization for Scientists
  • NPC turrets no longer allow any other type of NPC close to the Compound, other than Scientists
  • Compound NPC now treat animals as hostile
  • Fixed lerp client time offset corruption
  • Fixed EAC launcher logo missing+error
  • Started work on adding Compound monument to Hapis
  • Unity 2018.1.0 progress including shader tweaks and some bug fixes
  • Antihack improvements

Rust Update 7 June 2018

Forced blueprint wipe June 7th

Facepunch announced earlier this week there will be a forced blueprint wipe accompanying the forced map wipe on June 7th. This is largely due to some underlying shifts in the newest version of Unity which was recently released. Thankfully, this new version of Unity may also come with some much needed performance boosts...


For the past several weeks, performance on large servers has been pretty abysmal. I know it is very frustrating to invest so much time into a game, only to experience - and perhaps get fucked over by - shitty performance. To be clear: this is not an issue with any individual server or host. Rather, it is the result of a lack of optimization in the current version of the game.

Thankfully, the developers are aware of the issues and have several improvements in the works. Also, with the latest version of Unity around the corner, it’s possible some more performance enhancements may work their way in. As usual, we won’t know the full extent of the improvements till they are up and running on a large server.

I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused players on our larger Rustafied servers and thank you for your understanding and patience with this matter.


On an interesting new branch by the name of skydiving, Alex has committed a couple of new animations dealing with, well, skydiving. This was apparently a request made by Helk (who is out for 2 weeks) so no further details have emerged yet.

Are we soon to be jumping out of a Rusty Battlebus? Will scientist NPC’s be dive-bombing us from above? All remains to be seen, but we’ll let you know as soon as more information becomes available.

Unity 2018.1.0

A new version of Unity (the underlying engine that runs Rust) has been released. Andre has been working on getting Rust running on this new version, and we expect it to go live with the next forced wipe on June 7th. If you’re interested in the nitty gritty of what’s in store, check out the Unity changelog.

Other stuff

  • More work on the new Bandit Town monument
  • Started work on a new canoe and oar
  • Matt has made some more progress on hair, including some fixes for hair clipping through headwear
  • Progress on monuments puzzles (still a work in progress, nothing to show yet)
  • Improvements to Hapis including the addition of the compound monument (expected to go live June 7th)
  • Fixed upgrade menu highlight not working sometimes
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