SavageNoodle Banned

Voodoo Gaming has been put in to disrepute due to one of the Rust Moderators.

SavageNoodle used his Moderators Tools to give him self Admin rights on the Rust VOODOO server.

During a raid that took place on the 21 December 2018 SavageNoodle was logged in as admin in game and had GOD mode activated.

We asked for the raid to be stopped. The VG team pulled back from the raid.

SavageNoodle have been banned from all Voodoo Gaming Servers and portals. Voodoo Gaming Will not allow any cheating on any of our servers.

SavageNoodle - Permanent Rust Admin Ban for Cheating and Admin Abuse.   

We at Voodoo Gaming apologise for the inconvenience caused and hope the everyone continue to play Rust on the Voodoo Gaming Server. 

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