Looking to Form a Committee and fill open positions.

The function of the committee will be (Must Play one of the supported games, Rust, Dota 2 and Age of Empires)

  • Look at new ideas or suggestion.
  • Vote on Changes to the Rules and review them when needed.
  • Vote on what action will be taken against a player or players. When they are reported for breaking the rules.
  • Nominate and appoint Moderators.

The committee will not have the function of admin but will instruct the admin on what action to take after the vote has been passed.

The Committee members must not be bias there vote and suggestion must be based on facts and not emotions

The Owner can disband the committee at any time if the commit has failed on its function.

Open Positions

2 Moderators (Rust)

1 Back End Admin. (Help with keeping the server running)

1 Web Page Developer.

1 Social Media and blogger (Rust, Age Of Empires and Dota 2)  

1 Photo and Video Creator to help in recording and posting content form the server to The Voodoo Gaming YouTube channel.

1 Editor to check all articles before they are published.

Send Application and Nominations to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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