Rust Voodoo SA Noob Friendly Server

Voodoo Gaming has been hosting server and events for different games during the years as the need arises in the community It has been an amazing experience to be part of the gaming community and contributing to the experience.
We have always had rules on every server we hosted in the pass to keep it clean and to make the online gaming experience better for new and experienced players.

My in-game nick name is WOLFN I have always been part of the main admin team on all the servers we have hosted, and some servers not hosted by Voodoo Gaming who needed help setting up their servers.

Being part of the admin team comes with a price you have to deal with the problem players namely

Player not following server rules, Racist, Hackers, Cheater, Tolls, the best player in the world, and the player that is set to disrupt servers by using DDOS attacks hacking the server, spreading rumours about players and server admins in order to force the server to close down.

Voodoo Gaming has a zero tolerance for the above mention types. We are not always aware of all the issues as the server run 24/7. The team and I has been able to manage the server with some help from the players.

The Rust Voodoo SA Noob friendly server was created to help new players to learn the game and for the experienced players to Farm, build and raid. Most of the players follow the rules of the server but there is a growing group of players that want the server rules to change or shut down the server.

I have been receiving lots of mails from different players complaining about the rules and the rumours of players scripting and using a radar overlay. I have been blamed for admin abuse to destroying the rust experience and community.

It has come to a point where each player on the server must vote or suggest ideas.

Rust Voodoo SA Server have your say.
Poll is expired!

This will be good news to some players I will not play on the server any longer myself and some friends will move to a different server to play without the accusations of admin abuse. I still love playing Rust. 

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  • !JAY!

    Great server with a few noob friendly palyers, however, it get's frustrating as a solo and new player at times, considering being offlined on numerous occasions by larger clans such as ALIVE.

    posted by !JAY! Sunday, 14 July 2019 11:38 Comment Link
  • Kristen

    Allow KOS , but dont allow door camping and griefing. I think allowing KOS will allow new players to learn the anger of dying and losing all your grind whilst at the same time teaching them game awareness when they move to a new server.

    posted by Kristen Friday, 12 July 2019 13:44 Comment Link
  • Malcolm

    Make Saturday Purge day full 24 hours

    posted by Malcolm Friday, 12 July 2019 12:14 Comment Link
  • crinkle cut

    Look its simple the kos rules doesn't work because it cant be enforced and its stupid to run expecting no kos and then u get killed by kos and nothing happens if we kos we kos if we dont we dont.
    u cant have things half enforced voodoo is a very good server ive been playing here since i started rust
    kos is not the thing that makes the sever noob friendly its a friendly enviorment wich has nothing to do with kos just getting rid of toxic players the best moments in rust is made by pvp

    also i dont think there was one purge last wipe we haven't been seeing those for long

    posted by crinkle cut Thursday, 11 July 2019 14:31 Comment Link
  • Jay

    For me who literally just started the game ,Voodoo is by far the best server , the two previous servers I join was a nightmare for a new player I could not even get to play the game because I Kept on been killed by the more experienced players to the point where I was ready to delete and move on .

    I think having a noob friendly server is a great idea and it gives people like me a chance to play the game . Don’t know why people are still complaining about the rules there are other servers that cater to your need to kill a defenseless new player just because you can .

    I agree on the monuments and maybe if someone is fully geared with weapons then it’s fair game because they ready for a fight.

    posted by Jay Thursday, 11 July 2019 09:37 Comment Link
  • Franco Smith

    While enforcing certain times for certain action-type rules sounds good, in practice it really takes away from the freedom that is iconic to rust and is next to impossible to enforce without a ton of admin intervention and player bans.

    Since one of the goals of the server is for newer players to get into rust (because honestly the intoxicated servers offer anything but a welcoming experience), the server will grow, as long as the environment is new player friendly.

    That doesn't mean that KOS shouldn't be allowed. KOS is in the unpredictable nature of Rust and you're dooming the core game if a permaban approach is taken with it. Just reduce it, encourage player interaction and things will sit well and create a sustainable player experience with everyone I believe.

    posted by Franco Smith Wednesday, 10 July 2019 16:56 Comment Link
  • Anonymous

    Perhaps a pvp/raid time? Like for example weekends are 100% raid and pvp where weekdays are just pve or from 6pm to midnight daily is pvp etc

    posted by Anonymous Tuesday, 09 July 2019 17:12 Comment Link

    Post your suggestions.

    posted by WOLFN Tuesday, 09 July 2019 16:50 Comment Link
  • LoboMau

    This will be good news to some players I will not play on the server any longer myself and some friends will move to a different server to play without the accusations of admin abuse. I still love playing Rust .( DON`T ) THE ALL EXPIRIES IS TO SEE ALL GROW IN RUST, THIS SERVER RUN`S BECAUSE THE (VG) GROUP PLAYS FOR COMMUNITY AND IF YOU LIVE, IT DESTROYS THE ALL IDEA ( I VOTE FOR REMOVING WITH EXTREME MEASURES ALL THE PLAYERS O GROUP THAT DON'T FOLLOW THE RULES, VooDoo Gaming is the best rust server in SA.

    posted by LoboMau Tuesday, 09 July 2019 16:47 Comment Link

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