Voodoo Rust SA server

It’s is almost the 3-year birthday of the Voodoo Rust SA server. Is has been an exciting 3 years. With lots of fun and challenges during this time and it was all worth it.
The last couple of months have been very hard to keep the peace on the server and enforce the rules. Some groups found ways around every rule and group size rule. This made it very difficult for the players playing by the rules of the server.
So, I have given up and removed all the noob-friendly rules and unbanned all the players banned not following the rules.
There will be no moderators available any more on the server. You are now on your own and if there is a hacker online report the player to FacePunch in-game.


Maps will be picked at random on wipe day.

Server Config  

Decay Rate 8000 (No Change)


  • Furnace Splitter
  • Clan System
  • Automatic Authorization
  • Lock Sync
  • Info Panel

Wipe Day

Date: 6 February 2020

Time: Any Time from 21:00pm (GMT +2)

If there are no active players on server, we will close the Rust SA server down and move the resource to another country or game.  

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