For the next week, every 24-38 hours in-game hours an Easter egg hunt will begin. You'll have 3 minutes to collect as many eggs as you can. The top 3 players are given special eggs as a reward. These eggs can be cracked open for various types of loot ranging from scrap to an M249

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
3 Silver Eggs 1 Silver Egg 1 Bronze Egg
if you don't make the podium, that's okay. The painted eggs you collect can be upgraded to Bronze eggs once you collect 10. If you collect 10 bronze eggs, you can upgrade to a silver egg and, eventually to gold!

There are various items available to help you during your hunt. The Easter Basket will allow instant pickup of eggs and the Bunny Onesie and Ears will provide you with an advantage via Egg Vision.
Bronze Egg Silver Egg Gold Egg
Stacks to Stacks to Stacks to
10 10 10
Sample Loot Sample Loot Sample Loot
Egg Basket
Bunny Ears
Stone (100 - 200)
Wood (200 - 400)
Metal frags (20 -50)
3 or 4 Chocolate Bars
Compound bow + 10 arrows
Bunny Onesie
Stone (2500)
Chainsaw + fuel
Revolver + ammo
Double Barrel + Buckshot
Pump shotgun + Buckshot
5 Incendiary +  3 High Velocity Rockets
MP5A4 + ammo
LR-300 Assault Rifle
M39 Rifle + ammo
Multiple Grenade Launcher
M249 + ammo
Upgrade to Silver Upgrade to Gold Total Egg Cost
10 10 1000 Painted Eggs