The new addition to Rust is a metal detector and shovel using the two items together will help you to find hidden loot underground. 

This is a nice addition if you use it when the server is quiet and you just started your wipe.

Metal Detector 

The Metal detector is a default blueprint. The made item is very cheap to craft.

Crafting Cost Blueprint

2 rope

200 wood


The Shovel 

Crafting Cost Blueprint

50 wood

75 frags


How it Works 

Use the green lights to find the general area of an object, then when the green lights are all fully lit, hold the right mouse button to start sweeping the ground more closely and illuminate the yellow lights.
A flag will be placed when all the yellow lights are lit up. Dig this flag up with any melee tool and grab your treasure!
Different areas of the world will yield different types of loot, for example, what you may find on the beach will be different than what you find at the roadside or fields.