Rust Server Rules

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Game Play Rules

  1. Rust Server internal Chat system and Text System.
  2. Offensive Material
  3. Cheating, Hacking, Exploits, Smurf Accounts
  4. KOS
  5. Raiding, Door Camping and Griefing
  6. Clan or Team Sizes.
  7. How To Report Issues
  1. Rust Server internal Chat system and Text System.

Racism, Sexism, Discrimination and Swearing are not allowed. Violators will be banned.

Racism = Permanent Ban

Sexism = Permanent Ban

Discrimination = Permanent Ban

Swearing = Temporary Band for first Offence. Permanent Ban for Second Offence.

No spreading rumours or false information. If you are not sure, ask a Moderator if it's not in the server info page. Violators may be kicked temporary banned.

As far as the rules are concerned, they are not a tool to remove people you dislike or outplay you. The rules are there to remove toxic players, cheats and rule-breakers.

  1. Offensive Material

Offensive material is a very subjective arena. Signs depicting bigotry or offensive slurs can potentially be removed by Moderators without warning, and potentially; further action(s) may ensue.

  1. Cheating, Hacking, Exploits, Smurf Accounts

Cheating  = Permanent Ban

Hacking = Permanent Ban

Exploits = Temporary Band for first Offence. Permanent Ban for Second Offence.

Smurf Accounts = Permanent Ban

If a player is game banned or banned from Voodoo server for any reason they are not allowed to evade that ban and play again on a new account. When we catch players doing this they will be banned again for Ban Evasion. Associating with these players on a new account, can and often will result in a ban for individuals or an entire team, depending on the circumstances. We do not expect people to know the complete history of every individual they play with at any point. However, when clear and indisputable proof of players helping others evade is available to moderators, the involved player(s) will face a ban from Voodoo servers as well.

  1. KoS
    • KoS means killing a player upon seeing them.
    • This is a reduced KoS server, meaning that while KoS can still happen, it's frowned upon, and continual KoS will get you temporary banned. The reason for this is to allow newer players to acclimate to how Rust is played, without being thrown in on the deep end, or gutting/changing the core game that Rust is. 

Temp Ban = 2 Days 

  • Not all killing is KoS. 
  • KoS is allowed in and around monuments borders, places with names on the maps. The scientist compound is exempt from this and is a safe zone.
  • KoS is allowed at airdrops and Crates, both player-called and daily event airdrops.
  • KoS is allowed during events such as Helli and Cargo Ship, but only with those who have engaged the Helli or Cargo Ship.
  • Please note, if you hear gunshots and you run towards them, expect to get killed - this is not KoS
  1. Raiding, Door Camping and Griefing


  • Raiding refers to when a player or a group infiltrates a base in order to obtain loot from inside. Generally, there are multiple methods to enter a base, some require the use of explosives, but there are methods that do not require explosives. In our definition, raiding without explosives is still a raid.
  • We view the looting phase of a raid as part of a raid. If raiders are carting loot from a raid base, and are door camped or KoS while carting raid loot, this is still part of a raid - even if it happens 12 hours or 2 days later. The involvement of a raid base or raid loot makes it a raid.

Door Camping

  • Door camping refers to someone sitting outside a base door with a shotgun. When the base owner opens the door, he's killed, leaving the door open for the camper to walk in (going deep). This is a form of raiding, but can also be pretty toxic. As such, door camping with the intention to raid will be allowed, but door camping for the purpose of griefing is not allowed and will get you banned.
  • As a means to mitigate door camping, it's best to build an airlock (two doors) so that only one can be caught open. It won't hurt adding a window or lookout point so you can see if your passage is clear before leaving your base.


A person who does things to be mean and causing people grief is a griefer. Generally if someone is griefing, no one wins. For example, infiltrating a base, despawning all loot and blocking the base up is griefing. Only the griefer gets joy out of causing the other person to suffer. Griefing is toxic behaviour and not permitted on this server. Classic examples of griefing include:

  • Harassing another player.
  • Continual Raiding the same player is Griefing (to stop or ensure the player cannot rebuild or play the game.) 
  • Building players in
  • Blocking their base
  • Painting on their signs
  1. Raid Party Sizes (Zerg)
  • No Zerg are allowed when raiding the raiding group may not exceed 5 Players. This is to ensure Fair Play.
  • Counter raiders cannot support the raiders. Counter raiders are there the take over the raid and complete the raid.

If there is proof that the groups are working together both the groups receive 5-day temporary ban.

  1. How to report issues:
  • All issues are to be reported to an admin or moderator via Email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). No other methods will be acted on. Please do not report an issue by posting on an admin's profile.
  • Admins are not always online and thus they aren't always aware of issues. We rely on players to present us with information. We then do our own digging and in view of the rules we make a decision.
  • Investigating an issue takes up a lot of time and as such admins do not appreciate people abusing the rules to get rid of people they dislike or outplay them - that's not what the rules are there for.
  • We advise all players to have the ability to record their gameplay using something like shadowplay if you have an NVidia GPU or ReLive if you have an AMD GPU.
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