End of TeamSpeak 3 Support

It has been a long journey with our TeamSpeak Server. The server has been running for almost 10 years. 

We had lots and lots of gaming sessions and discussions over the years. We made new friends worldwide and just had allot of fun.

The there is a new and kid on the block that is free with more features and most of the members moved over to discord.

The last day for the TeamSpeak server will be on the 22 July 2019.

Thank you for all the support. If you require a dedicated room on the discord server just let us know.

Discord Link:

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    Please email your details to

    The main reason we closed the Team speak server 95% of the community now use discord.

    posted by WOLFN Thursday, 25 July 2019 10:03 Comment Link
  • Void

    This is a sad day. I have no idea who you guys are, but me and my friend have been using your server hiding in the Warframe channel for quite some time now. Is it a hosting costs issue? I can make a plan to get this hosted for you guys at no cost. It won't be shitty hosting, I just have some space on some servers. It will pain me to see a TeamSpeak server die to discord. Reply to this comment and I'll get in touch, don't want to post my contact details in the open.

    posted by Void Thursday, 18 July 2019 16:27 Comment Link

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